Open-AVB AVTP Pipeline SDK  1.4
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ALSA interface


ALSA interface module. An interface to connect AVTP streams to ALSA either as an audio source or sink.

Interface module configuration parameters

Name Description
intf_nv_ignore_timestamp If set to 1 timestamps will be ignored during processing of frames. This also means stale (old) Media Queue items will not be purged.
intf_nv_device_name ALSA device name. Commonly "default" or "plug:dmix"
intf_nv_audio_rate Audio rate, numberic values defined by avb_audio_rate_t
intf_nv_audio_bit_depth Bit depth of audio, numeric values defined by avb_audio_bit_depth_t
intf_nv_audio_type Type of data samples, possible values
  • float
  • sign
  • unsign
  • int
  • uint
intf_nv_audio_endian Data endianess possible values
  • big
  • little
intf_nv_audio_channels Number of audio channels, numeric values should be within range of values in avb_audio_channels_t
intf_nv_allow_resampling If 1 software resampling allowed, disallowed otherwise (by default allowed)
intf_nv_start_threshold_periodsPlayback start threshold measured in ALSA periods (2 by default)
intf_nv_period_time Approximate ALSA period duration in microseconds


There are some parameters that have to be set during configuration of this interface module and before configuring mapping:

These parameters can be set in either:

Values assigned in the intf_cfg_cb function will override any values set in the initialization function.