Open-AVB AVTP Pipeline SDK  1.4
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCavtp_time_tAVTP time structure
oCmedia_q_item_map_mjpeg_pub_data_tAdditional public map data structure
oCmedia_q_item_tMedia Queue Item structure
oCmedia_q_pub_map_uncmp_audio_info_tContains detailed information of the audio format
oCmedia_q_tMedia Queue structure
oCopenavb_intf_cb_tInterface callbacks structure
oCopenavb_intf_host_cb_list_tCallbacks to control functions
oCopenavb_map_cb_tMapping callbacks structure
oCopenavb_tl_cfg_name_value_tStructure holding configuration of mapping and interface modules
\Copenavb_tl_cfg_tStructure containing configuration of the host