Open-AVB AVTP Pipeline SDK  1.4
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MPEG2TS file interface


Mpeg2 TS File interface module. Computation of TS packet duration copied from Live555 application (

Interface module configuration parameters

Name Description
intf_nv_file_name The fully qualified file name. Used on talker and on listener side
intf_nv_repeat If set to 1 it will continually repeat the file stream when running as a talker
intf_nv_repeat_seconds Delay in seconds which will be skipped when repeating
intf_nv_enable_proper_bitrate_streamingSetting to 1 will enable tracking of the bitrate
intf_nv_ignore_timestamp If set to 1 timestamps will be ignored during processing of frames. This also means stale (old) Media Queue items will not be purged.


Additionally the openavb_intf_cb_t::intf_get_src_bitrate_cb callback function can be used to calculate the maximum bitrate of the source.

Note: To make those calculations intf_nv_enable_proper_bitrate_streaming has to be enabled.

If this callback is registered (not NULL) it will trigger several actions:

If this callback function is not registered (is NULL), values taken from the configuration file for maximum frame size and maximum interval frames will be used for calculations.

maximum frame size and maximum interval frames values are used by