Open-AVB AVTP Pipeline SDK  1.4
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Pipe Mapping


The Pipe Mapping module is an AVTP vendor specific mapping format. It will pass through any data from interface modules unchanged. This can be useful for development, testing or custom solutions

Mapping module configuration parameters

Name Description
map_nv_item_count The number of Media Queue items to hold.
map_nv_tx_rate or map_nv_tx_interval Transmit interval in frames per second. 0 = default for talker class
map_nv_max_payload_sizeMaximum payload that will be send in one Ethernet frame
map_nv_push_header If set to 1 the Ethernet header should be pushed to the Media Queue
Note:RX side only - Listener
map_nv_pull_header If set to 1 data in Media Queue is with Ethernet header
Note:TX side only - Talker