Open-AVB AVTP Pipeline SDK  1.4
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EAVB Integration Guide


Integrating the OPENAVB AVB stack into a larger solution can be conceptually divided into 2 parts. The first is the configuration and start up of the AVB components such as gPTP and AVTP. The second part is the configuration of the streams that will be active. The details of stream configuration is described in another section.

AVTP Control

Only a handful of functions are needed to control the AVTP component. This is done indirectly when opening, running and closing talkers and listeners. The general flow is:

  1. openavbTLInitialize() is called to initialize the openavb_tl module.
  2. openavbTLOpen() is called one or more times to load talkers and listeners.
  3. openavbTLConfigure() is called for each talker or listener.
  4. openavbTLRun() is called for each talker and listener to start their stream.
  5. openavbTLClose() is called for each talker and listener to stop the stream and close.

Host Application Integration

Controlling the non-AVTP components of the AVB stack are platform dependent. Release notes for the specific port should be referenced for those details.