Open-AVB AVTP Pipeline SDK  1.4
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WAV file interface


WAV file interface module.

This interface module is narrowly focused to read a common wav file format and send the data samples to mapping modules.

Interface module configuration parameters

Name Description
intf_nv_file_name Name of the file to be read
intf_nv_file_name_rx Name of wav file where received data will be stored
intf_nv_audio_rate Audio rate, numberic values defined by avb_audio_rate_t
intf_nv_audio_bit_depth Bit depth of audio, numeric values defined by avb_audio_bit_depth_t
intf_nv_audio_channels Number of audio channels, numeric values should be within range of values in avb_audio_channels_t
intf_nv_number_of_data_bytesSize of sample data counted in bytes. This size should be equal to Subchunk2Size field in wav file to be transferred. The data is printed out by talker when started (INFO: Number of data bytes)


There are some parameters that have to be set during configuration of this interface module and before configuring mapping:

These parameters can be set in either:

Values assigned in the intf_cfg_cb function will override any values set in the initialization function.