Open-AVB AVTP Pipeline SDK  1.4
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Echo interface


This interface module as a talker will push a configured string into the Media Queue for transmission. As a listener it will echo the received data to stdout. This is strictly for testing purposes and is generally intended to work with the Pipe mapping module

Interface module configuration parameters

Name Description
intf_nv_echo_string String that will be sent by the talker
intf_nv_echo_string_repeatNumber of copies of the string to send in each packet.
The repeat setting if used must come after the intf_nv_echo_string in this file
intf_nv_echo_increment If set to 1 an incrementing number will be appended to the string
intf_nv_tx_local_echo If set to 1 locally output the string to stdout at the talker
intf_nv_echo_no_newline If set to 1 a newline will not be printed to the stdout
intf_nv_ignore_timestamp If set to 1 timestamps will be ignored during processing of frames. This also means stale (old) Media Queue items will not be purged.